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It's Back for 2024! Galapagos Family Adventure!

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our action packed family program once more this November 2024! Meet other intrepid families as you visit up to four incredible islands including Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floriana and Pinzon. Enjoy incredible proximity to the amazing Galapagos wildlife, discover the islands incredible origins and learn from the experts about the incredible conservation work taking place right now to preserve the fauna and wildlife for generations to come.

Get to know the locals while the choldren enjoy the included Spanish lessons. ourney down inside a volcano, swim with sharks, visit a working cacao plantation and join artisan woodcarvers as they teach you the skills of their trade. Learn about these incredible islands from our native Galapagos guides on what has been described as the best value Galapagos vacation anywhere on the internet!

Click here to see our amazing program, or email James at


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