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Why travel with us?

Because when you choose to travel with Toucanto, you are supporting the communities you visit, boosting their economies, and protecting their heritage.


Want to travel guilt-free? You can too, with Toucanto! We offer responsible tourism by supporting local conservation projects and small, local businesses wherever our pilgrims wander. 


Toucanto was established in 2020 by two families with a love for travel, the environment, world learning and being a part of a global community.  We don’t just plan travel tours to amazing destinations but we do it with a purpose.  We make amazing, life-changing destinations accessible and showcase the cultures and traditions of the communities we visit.



Sea Turtle

Supporting Local Businesses

We work with local communities to understand their needs and help them by improving their access to resources and employment.  We help improve the environment and teach others how to do the same by providing opportunities to be involved in local projects, without age and ability restrictions.

Meet The Team



Program Director



Program Leader

Our Partners

At Toucanto we believe in working only with the locals, so you can be sure that when you book your trip of a lifetime with us, you are benefitting the local community.

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Galápagos Language Academy


Don Cabrera

El Trapiche



Naturalist  Guide


Jacinto Heras

Artisan Woodcarving

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